How To Sell on eBay For Beginners Step by Step in 2021

How To Sell on eBay For Beginners Step by Step in 2021

Want to sell on eBay, but don’t know How to sell on Ebay? No worries! here’s a complete guide for you!
If you don’t know, then eBay is the largest e-commerce website on the internet, through which you can buy and sell products of any kind. The site is organized into neat categories, allowing shoppers to find products through simple keyword searches.
You can auction off, and interested parties can bid together, or you can choose to buy on the spot to avoid the wait. Let’s explore more about how to sell on eBay.

Steps to sell on Ebay

Here we will show you some tips through which you can sell on eBay.

Register for an eBay account:

This is the first step to start using eBay. Register for free on eBay, and the store will allow you to buy and sell. This will become the source of payment for buying and selling.
Please note that you cannot bid on your items for a total current price. This is called the pre-bid. This is illegal and may cause your account to be suspended. In any case, if you have two accounts, please use them responsibly in accordance with eBay’s policies and regulations.

Take High-quality Pictures

Every item that you sell on eBay should have a picture. It must be the image of the actual item. Ensure that there is enough light so that shoppers can see details of the item they are considering buying. You can insert up to 12 photos for one project for free. Take photos from many different angles.
If you are using the product you sell, please focus on defects or defects until they appear in the picture. You want to indicate any flaws so that buyers know exactly what they are getting. Of course, you want these items to look perfect, but eBay is loyal to the seller’s sincerity, so don’t try to hide any flaws.

How to sell on Ebay

Give an accurate description of the item you’re selling on Ebay

Choose the best description for the product and label with a sticker, new label without a label, light use, mint condition, heavy use, worn out, or simple service. You can also declare it is not in working condition or in need of repair, or if the item cannot be repaired, advertise “for parts only.” If it is an electronic product or another item that has resumed normal operation or has expired, please let it know that it has been “renewed.”
Next, provide the brand name, model number (if available), color, or other information describing the item. Describe any defects as much as possible. The more details you provide, the better. By describing each item in detail, you will build a reputation as an honest and reputable seller on eBay. Your ranking is important because it will help potential buyers feel confident about buying from you.

Set Your Listing Price

If you are selling at an auction, please put the price list to the lowest price you wish to charge for the item.
you set the auction starting price at $ 10 and the item’s value is $ 100, then if only one person submits $ 10, you must sell that price to the winning bidder. there are multiple bidders on an item, the final sale price can easily exceed $ 100, but there is no guarantee of the item’s price or whether someone has bid

Set the auction duration

You can choose to sell on ebay in an auction or “buy now.” If you set up your list as an auction, you can decide how many days to auction off. The shortest term is one day, but most sellers list their products for one week. Unless you set the Buy Now option on the list, it will be sold at the highest bid at the end of the auction.


Here we have talked about how to sell on eBay. If you are also finding it hard to start selling on eBay, then this article would be helpful for you.

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